You know what you jump rope for

So if you do get a job working a warehouse and they ask you if you can jump rope, you can say,

“Yes. But I really love working here, so I want to do this for a living.” Not really work with the person you work with, but your goal is to work with the person you want to work with. The only way I can tell if anyone can help is if I’m working in a position that requires it.

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I have a real job, I have a real family, and I can be productive and productive. But I am able to jump rope. So what I have to do is, when I go to work, look at what I can do to make more money and what I have to do to give myself a better quality of life. One thing we always talk about is that you don’t have to jump rope with everybody. Not everybody can do it, just do it with somebody you love and respect, and you can do it and that will make you happy. Now, with respect to my family, I have two little girls, and my career is where everything begins and everything ends with them. I would say that it was my own doing, not my wife. It was something I needed to figure out, I had to realize it’s my career, and it was something I could figure out, and then you don’t know your limitations until you realize them.


My wife has given me a great deal of freedom, she doesn’t yell at me and she doesn’t scream at me all the time. It’s just me, the work I do. I need to be more intentional about what I say, in the words I say, because I have a really good reputation in the work force and now that I’m a mother, people know I love being a mom. I would never say, “Hey, I’m a mom,” and not say, “Hey, I’m a work horse.” I’ve always been a work horse, I’m the one that takes the kids to their activities and to school. And now I’m a mom, I don’t want to have the same attitude I had before. What I’m saying is that in today’s workplace, it’s not like you have to be a good worker, and it’s not like you have to have a great reputation, you have to do the best jump roper.