Posture with your hips stacked over for strong legs

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

This can seem awkward, but you should feel strong in the back. Make two or three deep thrusts with your legs up the wall to create a downward push. Step to the left into a lunge position. Step onto your right heel and then step back to the left heel.

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Step back to the right heel, and then step forward. Step forward and back to the right and left heels. This is a good move after your last push and before your next push. Sprint your hips to your toes. Step into the lunge! Inhale to begin your push. This push doesn’t have to be long. And it doesn’t have to be deep. The push is only the length of your arms. Maintain a long spine and back as you push down with your arms. Your hips should be parallel to the ground as you push. Maintain a straight back and tall posture as you exhale.

tall posture

Begin your push forward into the lunge. As you push into the lunge, lift your arms up with your hands directly behind you and your butt up with your legs straight. As you move, bend your arms so your elbows are over your body and your hands are flat on the ground in front of your body. After you’ve moved, come back to the push position. Push through the push position like you’re pushing a ball through a basket. Push with your arms and legs at the same time. Keep your spine long. Keep the back straight. Now feel the burn!